Our passion

This is how we do it

Alvalle has over 25 years of Gazpacho expertise and culinary know-how.

  • Partnering closely

    Partnering closely with our community of farmers in Southern Spain is the key to guaranteeing the quality and freshness of our vegetables. That’s why all of the tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers in our Gazpacho Original are cultivated less than 200 km from our plant in Murcia. They are then picked and delivered fresh to the plant, ready to be crafted into Gazpacho. The South of Spain provides the perfect temperature and the environment to give our vegetables their signature taste.


  • In 2012

    In 2012, we launched FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging to guarantee that the cardboard we use comes from forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way.


    In 2015 we completed a 10 year programme to reduce our plants consumption of water by 60% and electricity by 39%.