Frequently asked questions

  • Where are the ingredients sourced from?

    We use 100% Spanish ingredients. Over 90% of vegetables are grown within 200 km of our Murcia plant in Spain.

  • Where and how is it made?

    Alvalle is produced in Murcia, southern Spain. Alvalle Gazpacho Original flavours a classic home-made recipe of fresh raw tomatoes, red pepper, cucumber, onion and the highest quality extra virgin oil purposely blended with a tasty seasoning. Lightly pasteurised to preserve the best taste. Over the last 10 years our plant has successfully reduced water consumption by 60% and electricity consumption by 39%.

  • Can I freeze Alvalle?

    Technically you can freeze Alvalle but it is not recommended. The taste profile can become impaired due to the different speeds at which ingredients freeze and thaw. For example olive oil takes longer to defrost than tomatoes and could still be frozen when served if not fully thawed.

  • Can I heat Alvalle?

    We recommend serving Alvalle chilled between 2-7 degrees Celsius. If you heat Alvalle it is no longer a Gazpacho and the taste profile becomes more like a warm tomato soup. Alvalle contains lemon juice and vinegar which increase in acidity when heated further changing the taste profile.

  • How do I store Alvalle and is it still fresh upon delivery?

     Alvalle is guaranteed chilled between 2-7 degrees Celsius from pasteurisation to the end of our supply chain. Store chilled between 2-7 degrees Celsius

  • How long are the products good for after opening?

    Once opened and if stored in the refrigerator below 7°C, Alvalle is best consumed within 5 days; however, it is still safe to consume up to 7 days after opening.

  • Is your gazpacho pasteurised?

    Yes, we apply a mild thermal process to ensure storage and the best quality from production to your table

  • Are your products suitable for vegans?


  • Can infants and children consume your products?

    Yes of course, Gazpacho can be enjoyed by the whole family.

  • Could your products contain nuts or traces of nuts?

    Alvalle contains no nuts or traces of nuts. There is no risk of cross contamination in the supply chain.

  • Which is the main goal of Alvalle?

     That the gazpacho reaches households with the best quality not only in flavour but also from the point of view of food safety.